Crane Operating Safety
Drilling and Wellness Intervention 项目
IWCF Well Control for Surface BOP 操作
IWCF Well Intervention
Forklift Operating Safety
Basic Drilling 技术 using DOT Simulator
Drilling Fluids using MudSIM Simulator
Advanced Drilling 技术 using DMT Simulator
Advanced Fluids 技术 using MudSIM Simulator
Basic 连续油管 Practical using CTS Simulator
Advanced 连续油管 Practical using CTS Simulator
Industrial Instrumentation using Oil & 气体模拟器
Production Facilities using Oil & 气体模拟器
Basic Well Testing using Test SIM Simulator
Advanced Well Testing Practices &Interpretation using Simulator
Basic Drilling 技术 using DOT Simulator
Digital Signal Processing and Communications
Introduction to Wireless Communications
Practical TCP/IP and Internet Networking for Industry
Geotechnical Analysis using MIDAS software.
Underground Power Cables
Welding Techniques and 技术
PLC II-Real Time PLC Systems to Control and Supervise
Radio Frequency Technologies
Microwave Transmission
Programmable Logic Controllers: PLCs II- Selection, Programming, Trouble Shooting and Commissioning
Fundamentals of Material Science for Engineers
Welding Techniques and 技术
PLC II-Real Time PLC Systems to Control and Supervise
Combustion in Furnaces
Welding 检查 and Non-Destructive Testing
Stream Power Plant ”Normal & Emergency 操作 Conditions “
Mechanical Design 技术
Automated Manufacturing Systems 技术
Hardware and Systems 技术
Systems Software and Application Software
Practical Information 技术 管理
Database, Internet and Systems Integration Technologies
Information 技术 Essentials
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
Computer System Engineering
Rotating Machinery Failure Mode & Effect Analysis Techniques
Mechanical Seals: Selection, Installation & 故障排除
Aggregate Base Testing
Concrete Field Testing
Concrete Strength Testing
建模 & Controlling Of Co-Generation Power Plants
Self-Consolidating Concrete
Engineering Studies Motor Mechanics?
Electrical Safety For Electrical Utilities & 设备
Visual Communications
Machine Tool 操作s Certificate
Power Cable Failure Analysis & Investigation Techniques
Biotechnology Laboratory Technician
Electron Microscopy Technician
Machine Tooling Techniques
Industrial Automation Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Industrial Maintenance Technician
维护计划, Scheduling and Control
设施规划 & 管理
维护计划 & 资产管理
地网设计 & Resistance Calculations
Power Transformer Condition Assessment & 延长寿命
干扰检测 & Analysis For Power Systems
现场仪表 & 聪明的发射器
过程控制 & Loop Tuning Techniques
Gas Turbine Monitoring Control & 故障排除
钢包处理 & Casting Of Steel Alloys
Solar Power System Design: Considerations, Installation & 操作
SCADA系统 & Industrial Networks for Plant Process
振动分析 & Associated Techniques in Condition Monitoring
Process Engineering Applied to Petrochemical 操作
Water Distribution Network: Planning, Design & 检查
Electric ARC Furnace (EAF) Steel Making
Pumps 操作, Maintenance & 故障排除
Aluminium Smelting Process & 技术
Cement Industry Engineering & 技术
Quality Control Censorship for Pollution in Cement Industry
Evolutionary 建模 & Optimization of Grinding Processes
水化学 & Treatment for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant


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